Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey all- it was brought to my attention that I have left pricing off of here, so I am going to try to catch you up on the pricing.

Single Headband= $3
3 Headbands= $8
Flower hair clip= $4
Flower/Headband Combo= $6
Boutique Bow= $5
+ with headband= $7
Corker Bow= $5
+ with headband= $7
Boutique/Corker Combo bow= $7
+ with headband= $9
Tulle bow= $3
+ with headband= $5
Tulle/ Corker bow combo= $4
+ with headband- $6

Burp Cloths= $6
+ with name= $10
Ribbon Loop Burp Cloth= $7 (will add pictures of these soon!!)
+ with name= $12

Wipe Cases= $10
+ with name= $15

Picture Frame: (Personalize at no additional charge)
+ 4x6 Frame= $12
+ 5x7 Frame= $20
+ 8x10 Frame= $30

Tutu= $20

Sorry I am just now getting pricing on here. If you have any questions or orders you can email me at Keep checking back- I have some new things I will be posting this week!!!
A new orange and yellow flower clip that is beautiful on a yellow headband, and some new burp cloths. Thank you and have a blessed week!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Hayden

Here are a couple of burp cloths that a sweet friend ordered for baby Hayden. Thank you for the order- Can't wait to meet the new addition!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


That's right............I am now doing embroidery. All burp cloths, onesies, ect.. can now be personalized. Keep coming back and checking for updates, I will put some pictures up soon of monogrammed burp cloths!!!

Large green and pink bow

This is a large lime green boutique bow with a pink and green corker bow center. It is shown here on a pink head band but can also be clipped directly to hair.


Here is sweet little Emma modeling a tutu and hairbow. This tutu is mostly hot pink tulle with some lime green tulle and lime green polka dot ribbon in it. It has a ribbon waist that can adjust to your little sweetie. The hairbow is a tulle and corker bow in hot pink and lime green. It is on a single prong salon clip that clip directly to hair (as shown) or onto a headband.